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Frustrated with tangles

We founded kwikCoil™ because we were tired of constantly getting our ear bud cords tangled in our pockets or catching on things while they were in use. Frustrated, we decided to do something about this annoyance. Using our many years of experience in product design, we took a completely orthogonal design approach. We came up with a one-piece of space-age material solution that converts any cord into a self managing retractable geometry that requires no ongoing user action. We called it the kwikCoil™ because a simple wrapping action instantly converts existing flexible cords into contractible ones. People often stop us when they see our coiled earbuds because they are looking for a similar solution! Don’t waste any more time untangling cords or cables. We ship nationwide so you no longer have to deal with the frustration that is a messy, tangled cord!

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