How To Install The kwikCoil™

Important! “DO NOT” pull KwikCoil out of its holder.

Step 1: Grip the KwikCoil holder with the front (logo) facing away from you as shown.

Note the small section of about ½” – ¾” (12mm – 25mm) of the KwikCoil sticking out of the holder. Start winding on the ear bud cable at about 1½” (37mm) up from, either the cable plug or “Y” junction end, by wrapping the ear bud cable around the KwikCoil wire.

Step 2: Pull another ½” (12mm) of the KwikCoil wire out of the holder.

Start winding by lifting the ear bud cord towards you over the top of the holder, then down to the bottom and underneath and back up to the top of the holder. Keep repeating this cycle from Step 2 again until there is nothing left to unwind.

Note: Through the entire winding process, the front of the holder should always be facing away from you.

As you wind, the cord will naturally fall in place around your cord as you wind and your ear bud cable will begin to coil.

If you somehow miss a section, you will see it. Simply unwind the earbud cable backwards to the miss and winding the KwikCoil back into its holder. Then continue winding forward from Step 2.

Step 3: When finished, pull the KwikCoil wire out of the holder and wind the ear bud cord around the KwiCoil wire (just as you did in Step 1) and you are done.

People of all ages..share one common.. pesky problem…TANGLED EAR BUD CORDS!

What makes them tangle? Legend has it..that tangle monsters live in pockets..and take great making our cords a tangled mess..that wastes our time and energy..and frustrates us to no end.

But now these monsters…have met their match. The kwikCoil™ is a hassle solution..that makes it impossible for them to tangle in your pocket or purse…and works with most major ear bud brands with either flat or round cords.

Simply wind the kwikCoil™ on your ear bud cord and go on living your life knowing that the next time you reach to use them, you won’t have to deal with….tangles.

kwikCoil™ can’t solve all of life’s problems, but your tangled cords are a thing of the past.

Get your kwikCoil™ today and evict your pocket monsters forever.

What’s worse than tangling your toe in the middle of the night?


The kwikCoil™ save you time and frustration but it will. Start your new life and enjoy tangle free cord living.

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